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The Adventure
0-2 years

At this stage, life is an adventurous journey and there is something new  to explore each day. These adventurers are action-oriented , energetic, and love to take the risk and let things play out as the have the winner’s spirit.


The Adventure room is spacious, bright, homely and with direct an all-weather age appropriate garden. There is a separate sleep room and changing facilities.


There is a range of sensory and educational materials to enable the young  Babies to explore and experiment through sensory and play experiences.

The Rainforest Room
2-3 years

This stage is a beam of sunlight as the children start to make friends and learn new life skills. Their development and understanding of the world around them, is a like a butterfly emerging , chattering and fliting from one plant to another. A strong foundation as the children embark on the first firm steps of their lifelong learning journey.


The Rainforest room is very welcoming and spacious with direct access to the Atrium and the all weather enclosed garden, where free flow is practiced.


In the Rainforest room children ‘play with a purpose’. This includes imitation play, creative play and slightly more physical play than with younger children.

The Atlas Room
3-5 years

As the children grow in strength and wisdom , they start to build stronger bonds and work very closely together to solve the endless activities on offer.


The Atlas  room has an inviting and friendly atmosphere which is filled with fun and adventure with direct access to the garden, where children can explore and find hidden treasure through endless creative play.


Here Children are encouraged to be independent, so that the children can develop the confidence and life skills as they prepare for big school.

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